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Grace and Peace!


Welcome to Nehemiah Teaching Ministries, we are blessed to have you visit! We are a teaching, discipling and Christian building ministry, located in Jonesboro, GA. We are not the typical body of believers, as we seek to mirror our First Century church roots. We believe the church is not a building, rather the individual(s) after God’s heart effecting change in our communities. What you may find very different is our smaller structure, relational interactions, Elder-led/plurality leadership, centrality of the Lord’s Supper, public examination of shared content (during the assembly), participatory life-style worship, and teachings of sound in-depth doctrine.


What is an Elder-led church and why we prefer house based.


You are also welcome to Contact Us with your Questions & Comments. Please feel free to browse our website; Online Teachings and School of Christian Studies.

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Love The Homeless

The mission is simple, genuine love and kindness towards someone homeless. If you were homeless how would you like to be treated? When you come across someone homeless do not ignore them, look them in the eyes, say hello and smile! Invest in a heavenly treasure; it only takes a little time or a few dollars to do something nice. Then post your video on how you impacted someone's life! Pass it on!


Realize & Renounce- Bring it into captivity, cast it down, and renounce it. This may require you to speak, stomp or do some sort of physical action to immediately stop the thought. Upon realizing that the thought is present begin to engage yourself, asking yourself why your are thinking it


Reconstruct- Ask yourself if the thought is a rational thought, is it a biblically based thought. An example of an irrational thought would be “Everyone must like me and treat me fairly.” or “I must be respected by everyone.” These are irrational because you cannot control the thoughts, actions and behaviors of others.

Learn What Thoughts Are & How to Fight UnGodly Thoughts