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About Us

Terrell Pugh, along with his wife of 14 years, Taneisha Pugh, had been given the necessary tools through by the Holy Spirit, under the guidance of the House of David Ministries, Inc.. Terrell began ministry work in 2002 and was ordained Pastor on February 11, 2006. Terrell and his wife have 8 beautiful children, one of which that has gone to be with our Lord. Pastor Terrell understands he is gifted to the body of Christ as a Pastor and Teacher (Elder).


Together they began holding home based church services in 2005, in the New York/New Jersey area. As a home-based church, their influence helped to change the lives of those that attended, by maturing seasoned Christians and winning new disciples along the way. They would minister through weekly, bi-monthly and monthly teachings sent via mail, public prayer, focused evangelistic campaigns, bible study classes and regular Sunday service. Additionally, during this time Pastor Terrell held and taught classes on subjects such as Creationism, World Religions, and Christian Doctrine.


Today, Pastor Terrell Pugh and his wife are continuing the vision and call of God through the establishment of Nehemiah Teaching Ministries, Inc., located in Jonesboro, Georgia (South of Atlanta). Classes in Christian Studies, Spiritual Enrichment and Ministry Training are currently held in Decatur, GA. For our most current class information please  Contact Us.


Read More about our what our services look like and how we are physically structured.


Then Name “Nehemiah” Explained:

Our name is taken from the historical account of Nehemiah and his desire to rebuild his homeland. In Nehemiah 2:18 (KJV) we see the affirmation of “Let us rise up and build.” This is in response to the rebuilding of Jerusalem from the broken condition that it was in. We see a parallel between Nehemiah’s 5th century B.C. Jerusalem and modern day 21st century church. The Christian climate of today is in reproach and in need of rebuilding; therefore, Nehemiah Teaching Ministries is called to "…rise up and build. So they strengthened their hands for this good work” (Nehemiah 2:18).


The Logo Explained:

-The green represents building and growth. The red represents the blood/life of Jesus.

-The lines start out thin and increase in size and level, this represents building and growth.

-An arrow is created from the building blocks, this represents the continual process.

-The red block on the bottom right represents Jesus as the cornerstone, who we build from.



What We Do


We are a ministry called to teach the Body of Christ into maturity. As a teaching ministry, we administer classes in various areas of Christian studies; from theology to everyday Christian living. These classes give the student of the Word and solid, unshakable foundation of the Bible and a clear, articulate, non-compromising understanding of their faith in Jesus. We understand that the harvest is great and there are those that have a heart after God and for his people.  Therefore, it is our desire to further equip these laborers with the ministerial knowledge to synergize the Holy Spirit fire in them with the dynamics of ministry.  



Sample Courses: Examining the Atonement Process, Hermeneutics and Christian Heritage, Gender Roles & Biblical Sexuality, Biblical Illiteracy, Antinomianism, Creationism.