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Schools of Christian Studies, Ministry and Spiritual Enrichment

School of Christian Studies

We are a ministry called to teach the Body of Christ into maturity. As a teaching ministry, we administer classes in various areas of Christian studies; from theology to everyday Christian living. These classes give the student of the Word and solid, unshakable foundation of the Bible and a clear, articulate, non-compromising understanding of their faith in Jesus.

Sample Courses: Examining the Atonement Process, Hermeneutics and Christian Heritage


School of Ministry

We also train, develop and disciple aspiring ministers of the Gospel, helping them develop character, in addition to offering ministerial training. We understand that the harvest is great and there are those that have a heart after God and for his people.  Therefore, it is our desire to further equip these laborers with the ministerial knowledge to synergize the Holy Spirit fire in them with the dynamics of ministry.  

Sample Courses: Ministry of Evangelism, Ministry of Healing & Deliverance and Ministry of Intersession & Prayer


School of Spiritual Enrichment

Catering to the Body of Christ as a whole we also offer spiritual enrichment courses. This offering is a benefit to all who want more of God. These classes are designed to encourage and invigorate the believer into a New Testament Christian. Too long have we only read about the healing and miraculous power of God, the time has come to walk in these anointings!

Sample Courses: Hear the Voice of God Clearly, Understand Dreams & Visions, How to Birth Revival

School of Christian Studies


Christian Apologetics

Christian Living & Development

Christian History & Heritage  


Doctrine of Atonement

Essential Doctrines of Christianity

Hermeneutics & Exegesis

How Study the Bible

TBA Class Offerings

Call for more information: (678) 812-9248

What we do

We teach and develop leaders for ministry & spiritual development.


Where are we

We are located in Decatur, Jonesboro and Online (Correspondence Courses).


How to contact 

You can contact us online here or call us at (678) 812-9248

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